How to Add Personal Info in Resume: We all want our Resumes to stand on top of the list. Your resume should be a taster of your professional skills & experience. It needs to make the Human Resource Officer/Manager to know more about you and your suitability for the job. And, Ultimately want to attend for an interview. Here are some of the top details you should include and should avoid in the personal info section in the resume.

What is the Profile Section/Personal Info in Resume?

Personal information or Profile or Personal Details section in a resume includes a broad range of information that could identify an employee/job seeker. Personal Info or profile section in resume usually includes the applicant’s full name, phone number, email, contact details, address, and other necessary details for the job.

This is a very important section of every resume. How can one get a call to attend an interview without personal details in the resume? No, They don’t. right…

How to Add Personal Info in Resume?

Personal Info section in your resume is the first opportunity to introduce yourself to an HR/Manager/Employer. You can wave goodbye to that job interviews in case you make any mistakes in the personal details section. There are some personal details which should include in the resume and some personal details should not include and better to avoid adding them in your resume’s personal info section.

Follow the below-given guidelines to know How to Add Personal Info in Resume?

What should be included in the Personal Info Section in a Resume?

Here’s a list of some of the personal details you should include in your resume. They’ll make it easy to pick up your resume and they are completely necessary.

  • Your Full Name
  • Your Photograph (In some cases should not be included)
  • Date of Birth (Date, Month & Year)
  • Phone Number
  • Email ID
  • Nationality (In some Cases)
  • Contact Details
  • LinkedIn URL

What should be avoided in the Personal Profile Section in a Resume?

The following are the list of details you should not be included in your resume. Some times, They’ll make recruiters off and they’re completely no useful.

  • Age
  • Gender (In some Cases)
  • Religion
  • Marital Status
  • Family Details
  • Sexual orientation
  • Caste
  • Current Salary
  • Social Media Profile Links (Facebook, Twitter and other)
  • Other Irrelevant Things

Where should add Personal Details/Profile Section in a Resume

Always add Your Name in the Header part of the resume with Big size font

You should not add a personal details section literally anywhere on a resume. There are some hotspots to add personal details/profile section in a resume. You should add Your name in the Header part of the resume with Big size Font. other Personal details and Contact details can be added in the Footer or side column part in the resume.

Example Resume


You can see the above image. There are Header, Side column, and footer parts in the resume. You can Personal details section as explained in the above. In the Header & Side column, you can add Name, Phone number, email, and LinkedIn URL, and at the footer, you can add contact details and address details. This is How to Add Personal Info in Resume in a better way.